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Databasify is a web application written with Flask and Bootstrap that can query song information using the Spotify API. The information is populated into a database where users can generate custom playlists based on a number of song metrics beyond those shown in the Spotify app. Such metrics include properties such as tempo, popularity, and even danceability. The project repo can be found here.


Populate SQLite database with custom song data from the Spotify API

Query SQLite database to access dozens of hidden song, album, and artist attributes

Use advanced search functionality to create exciting new playlists

Tech and Frameworks

Built with:


Installation steps:

  • Clone the repository to the local system
  • Install Python 3 for your system from
  • Install Flask using PIP install
  • Install SQLAlchemy using PIP install
  • Install SQLite for your system

How to Run

To run the app:

  • Open the project in an editor such as VSCode
  • Open and run the file
  • Follow the local link in the terminal to open the web application
  • Explore what the app has to offer!


MIT © rlisowski10